Friday, June 25, 2010

On ACTING: Feel Free To Be

Fear inhibits great acting. That’s the value of experience (training and rehearsal). Fear diminishes. The trained and rehearsing actor comes to the realization “I can survive the agony and ecstasy of this emotional conflict. In fact, I enjoy the agony and ecstasy of this emotional conflict.”

An actor should not allow emotional fear to limit their performance. Let them remember: The theatre is a place of permission. It is always emotionally safe. It is a safe place to feel and reveal …and be healed? Is catharsis nothing more than therapy? Perhaps. Like in the psychiatrist's office, there is no risk in theatre. All the risk in emotional life is outside, in everyday life.

Acting is the consummate ‘one night stand’; what happens now is all forgotten tomorrow. The minute the curtain rings down, or the director yells cut, all consequences are over.

The audience grants you that permission. In the theater, they do not judge severely actors who plays whores, or killers or fools. They save that for before and after. All they say in the theater is: "Give me more."

Feel free in acting. In everyday life, be careful.


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