Thursday, May 06, 2010

ON ACTING: A Long Delayed and Apologetic Response to Michelle

From Michelle Enriquez January 5 at 9:52pm Report

"Hi Mr. Osmond, my name is Michelle Enriquez and i was recently seeking tips through the Internet on where to start in acting. I have little to no experience in acting, but i feel as if i have potential with the right training, and the right connections. I was wondering if you are offering any acting coach classes in the phoenix area? do you have any extra tips on where to start? do i need a resume? thank you so much for your time. I hope to hear from you :)"


Dear Michelle:
(1) Connections are important, but developing your talent is initially more important. Before your connections (to buyers, after all) matter, you've got to have a good product (your acting ability) to sell.
(2) Concerning my coming to Phoenix. I used to come there a lot, but the contact I had who used to set up my Phoenix workshops gave up that local business. Ah, well...
(3) Start your acting by studying and learning and practicing; just as it is in any other profession. Find out (by asking other serious actors...and you can often find them in local theaters!) who the best teachers are in your area; study with them, and from those contacts, a base of connections will develop.
(4) A final thought on connections: Next time you and I are born, we'll choose to be born by either Hollywood studio heads, and/or Academy Award winning actors. Then we won't have to worry about connections. Just surviving the upbringing they provide for us.
(5) Call your local Screen Actors Guild (there is one in Phoenix) for any and all advice and pointers.
(6) A resume is only an beneficial as the information it provides. Do theater; do independent films; study, etc. Then, when your have done a few things, you will have experience(s) to 'resume' about ...and then you can write one up, print is out and send it around to buyers of talent. (You should be able to get sample resumes from Screen Actor's Guild.)
(7) Good luck in your efforts.
(8) Happy New Year.


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