Wednesday, June 09, 2010

ON ACTING: Eliminating Fear To Achieve Grace

ACTORS, NOTE: The human system (actors in performance), unimpeded by a lack of courage and unburdened by a plethora of insecurity and self-doubt, is fundamentally graceful: after a precise estimate of external resistance all obstacles in its path, the human body and mind, elegantly shepherding its resources, creates little waste in its goal-seeking efforts.

Clumsiness is fear; and it is only clumsiness--arising from a lack of confidence, second guessing oneself mid-graceful-action--that impedes the body's inherent grace. Left to its own devises, unencumbered by fear, and its twin stumbling blocks hesitation, doubt and unlearned lines, the graceful human system operates like a well-oiled internal combustion engine rarely using more or less gas (emotional energy) than it deems necessary to achieve its goals; and realizes, in that process, its inherent graceful potential. Actors: eliminate fear--get out of your own way--and be beautiful.


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