Wednesday, November 16, 2011

At 85, Tony Bennett still sharpens the pipes

From a New Yorker atticle on Tony Bennett:

"Tony Bennett was resting his voice while waiting to sing a duet with Lady Gaga. She was a half hour late. "I did my scales today," he said as he stepped down from the platform. Bennett practices scales from fifteen to twenty minutes everyday, singing along with a small tape recorder that he plays a cassette of exercises created by  his longtime teacher Pietro D'Andrea, Once I heard Bennett say, 'The first day he doesn't do the scales, you know. The second day, the musicians know. The third day, the audience knows.'

At 85, still considered one of the great stars of the mellow tone, TB never lets the voice go unattended: he knows that you don't sit on your laurels and hope to maintain your edge. The path to longtime success is longtime constant effort. Genius never takes a holiday."


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