Thursday, September 29, 2011


Acting is DOING!.

Acting is a noun, but it also is a verb; it comes the root concept"to act," to DO something.

Actors must remember that "Action",  not "Emote!" or "Feel!", is the verbal command at the start of every filmed scene.

Feeling is as feeling does.

Drama is character revealed in action. A picture is worth a thousand words; a deed is often worth ten lines of dialogue.

Dialogue itself is an action, an active attempt to change someone else's mind. Language actively seeks confirmation, agreement, a change in someone else's behavior. By speaking, we are doing something, trying to actively alter the human landscape to our favor.

All human activity is active. A reminder to actors: don't just stand there (feeling), do something. Convert feelings into action.

Feelings themselves are inner actions; the inner body coming up with something to express with the outer body. Feelings are the origin of actions that eventually act on the world around you in such a way as to keep it the way it is if you are feeling happy; to change it if you are feeling sad, frustrated angry or morose.

Without actions, feelings are a static, dead pools of bad (unreal) acting...and the emoting, and thereby inactive actor (or character) is a dead actor. And will be buried far off audience yawns. (If they ever get the job in the first place.)



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