Sunday, October 23, 2011

Black Bxx: Haunted

I have been away from these pages for ten days directing an experimental web-based project called Black Bxx Haunted, a forty-eight hour interactive experience, an creative endeavor comprised of six determined actor-investigators committed to detect paranormal activity in an abandoned house. The anticipated are convinced the house is haunted, and and comprise a panel experts to live in the house alone, isolated, without contact with the outside world, to record and substantiate their claims of paranormal possession. (The actors have at present been locked in the mouldy, barren, abandoned home for thirty one and a half hours now, testing the bizarre happenings that have been occurring on their watch...and getting on each other's nerves.

The project, designed to create over well over 600 hours of live, real footage, captured in full detail by the sixteen cameras set-up in every room (I repeat, every room) of the house, that have been feeding footage from every corner of the house on the often tumultuous, often inmate, events and interrelationships that are being formed under the pressure of the paranormal sightings, sounds and surprises.

We will finish tomorrow, and I will be back at my regular log postings the next day.

The project is scheduled to be streamed online and available for audience interactive participation in January, 2012.


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