Sunday, March 13, 2011

ON ACTING: Craft and Art

The craft of acting involves the actor being emotionally honest in living out the conflict of the scene; to really look and listen to the other actors-as-characters in the scene, and to express one's honest feelings in the scene in the words and movements given to the actor by the writer and director.

But to relay on craft alone in a performance is to be "crafty"--with all the hints of dishonesty implied in that term.

Exciting acting is an art as well as a craft. Craft emphasises the practical efforts involved in a task; art involves the end result of such craft.

The art of acting is the intensity, variety and complexity of feeling that an actor's performance exhibits. The craft of acting is simply (and nobly) the means used to achieve and package such a performance

Craft without art is shallow and incomplete. Art without craft, however, is impossible. They are twin efforts, symbiotically entwined in any great performance.


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