Sunday, January 09, 2011

And So It Begins

"Why do you want to act?" I asked the young man sitting across the table from me sipping coffee.
"Fame," he said flippantly. "I want to be known."
"There are many ways of being known. Successful politicians; professional athletes; even local news reporters. They are all known. Why do you want to seek fame through acting?"
There was a pause in the conversation.
"Because it's easy." It was more a statement from me than a question.
He looked at me sheepishly, as if I had read his mind.
"Yea. I walk, I talk, I feel. I can do that," he said, "...act."
"You did it," he said. "Why can't I?" Touche.
Defensively I said: "No reason. In fact, there's more reason for you to succeed the way you look (a handsome young man) than the way I looked at your age."
"But," I challenged him," are you prepared not only to look good--walk and talk--but also to feel in such an exciting way that 5 million people in the audience, will stop in their tracks, cease in their daily activity, just to watch you? And watch you specifically as opposed to the hundreds of thousands of other would-be actors living in NY, LA and around the nation?"
"Yea. I'm willing to work at it."
That was the answer I was hoping for.
I paid for the coffee, patted him on the back and wished him well.
I smiled with confidence. A carrer was born.


Blogger Geraldine said...

Wanting to do something because it's easy doesn't seem like a good start at anything!

True story: Years ago in a live french tv show were invited a famous soccer player and a famous actress (both french). The interviewer asked the soccer player what he would do in a few years, when he would be too old to play. The soccer player said: "I'd like to to be an actor. I can take some acting lessons."

To which the actress said: "Same for me. I'd like to be a soccer player. I can take some soccer lessons."

That was such a brilliant for her point to come across! Of course, couple lessons won't do it, and of course, it's not as easy as it looks!


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