Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: "Ghost Writer"

The film is a thinly veiled (oh so thinly) critical attack on Tony Blair, former prime minister of Great Britain, and his corroberation with the American CIA. The accusation is an old contention: Iraqui war torture. The script suffers a bit from unchallenged self-righteousness and bald-faced anti-Americanism--but Roman Pulanski ("Chinatown;" "Roesmary's Baby;". "The Pianist") is a great director, and is a master at creating suspense even when there is little intrnsic story-reason for it. The ending is rather abrupt and unfulfilling; but there is wonderful acting throughout, and wonderful locations. It's always worth seeing a directorial master at work. It swept Europeam Fims Awards for 2010.


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