Friday, November 05, 2010

ON ACTING: Achieving Greatness

Greatness cannot simply be wished for; it must be worked on. Effort is the method by which one gets the key to the actor's executive washroom.

Luck is a factor in human life, as it lightning; however, both strike with about the same frequency. Just as one must prepare to avoid the grounding possibilities of a lightning strike; one must equally work to create the conditions to attract luck to strike...and hold.

Perhaps one should one simply pray to the Gods for greatness? But that, too entails work: Which Gods? Which prayers? Do the most giving Gods simply want language and song, or do they require tithing and good deeds? Is attendance at church required? Must I embrace other religions as well? Or focus on one? Moreover, if I find greatness along that path, is achievement by Gods or Luck permanent? Or will good luck just hand around a while and then turn to bad? Are the Gods fickle? Will they love me forever?

Perhaps I should turn to hard work after all. It seems the most sensible path to my dreams. I hear sweat cleanses the body of toxins; hard work develops muscles, and effort leaves one with a pleasing sense of personal control. Even after failure, one can say: "I did all I could." "What more could anyone ask?" "We were the architects of our own design, rough-hew them how we will." Efforts banishes regrets. "We don't regret the things we haven't done; we regret the things we didn't try to do."

I have decided: I will work hard. I will follow the dictum that success is the child of blood, sweat and tears; achievement will more readily follow effort than Gods, luck or lightening.

Moreover, I've heard that to respect oneself first by one's commitment to work is to prepare the ground for other's working respect. And other's working respect is a great factor is achieving greatness. It is the bedrock on which other's self-respect is built; a synonym for perceived greatness.

I'm off to work: the gym, the computer, books, classes. I feel better already.


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