Sunday, October 31, 2010

ON ACTING: Quitters versus Losers

There may be ‘losers’ in drama, but never quitters. Quitters, by definition, are characters who have withdrawn their active energy and intent from the scene, have absconded from the fight, who have withdrawn from the fray, who have quit. They should not even be considered characters or actors in the scene in the first place actors since they attempt nothing actively in the scene.

Irrespective of the probability of successful outcome, the 'loser’ in drama, as in life, are characters who keeps saying trying to win (by engaging in positive activities). Often in the face of seeming inevitable defeat, they continue to express in words and deeds: “I’ll find a way to win!” Losers by definition are compulsively positive people who try over and over again to win...thereby setting themselves up for inevitable defeat.

It is that 'never-give-up-quality' that makes ‘loser-characters' so dramatically appealing'--audience favorites (SEE Charlie Chaplin): they keep trying to win in the face of monstrous and constant defeat and rejection! They become paradigms of courage, icons of identifiable humanity. In literature and drama, they often become the constant companions of generals and Kings, the dispensers of wisdom: the most lovable, loyal and brave of all the King's horsemen and companions.


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