Friday, February 15, 2008

ON ACTING: Testimonial

From K. in Dallas:

"Hi Cliff,

"I want to thank you for coming to Texas. The moment you started your talk on Friday evening I knew I was in for a new level of growth in my acting. Your words are so respectful to actors and you really 'get it'.

"I was already excited about the fun scene you gave me. What a great format: Get the scene early and come prepared. That is such a luxury for a workshop. Plus your generosity in letting me film FOUR TIMES!!!! Thank you, thank you!

"You also helped me clear up some things I wasn't sure about. Like using emotional memory for preparation and then leave it at the door. I'm also working on relaxing my facial muscles and the voice exercise.

"Now when I go to your website and read your Philosophy I can hear your voice (which is wonderful). Please come back again. Your workshop was truly a step above any others I've attended.


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