Saturday, January 12, 2008

FILM REVIEW: "There Will Be Blood"

The film, starring Daniel Day Lewis is a travesty. It is pretentious, sophomoric, overly long and self-indulgent, with a music track that would be silly...if not so grating and 'much-ado-about' nothing. The filming-technique makes everything important (especially the writer/director) so that nothing is important...which is unfortunately the case. The critics who are touting this film (and the Academy, if it gives it any awards) are beyond respect. I give the film no letter-rating (A, or B+, or E, etc). It is beyond the alphabet...and all dramatic logic.

NOTE to filmmaker: hating big oil, religion and fathers is not enough to justify tedium.


Blogger Timmy Tim Tim said...

Now, this isn't my favorite movie either. I want to look like it a lot. One of my favorite actors with one of my favorite directors, I don't know how it didn't work for me.

However, you are a very harsh critic. Not just for this movie, but for pretty much all the movies you've reviewed on this website of yours.

I think you should think a little more indepth about them. Like the Lars and the Real Girl review. The blow up doll is a symbol.

I do love your website though. :-) Thanks for all the tips.

9:44 PM  

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