Friday, December 07, 2007

ON ACTING: And Acting Schools and Agents and Scams

Ms. A. wrote to me:

"i auditioned for this agency john robert powers and got in but they want 1000 is that a scam? and the people from one source talent want me to work for them for 30 a month for some card that they do are something is that a scam"

Then as a follow up:

"there making me pay 30 a month for some card that they make but they said since their a managment and not an agency they don't take your earnings."

I wrote back to Ms. A.:

"Why does John Roberts Powers want a thousand? For classes? I thought you went to them for agency representation? There is such a concept as 'bait and switch'...which is a 'no-no'!...bait them in with the promise of representation and switch them to classes. Beware of 'dream merchants'...they make money off other people's dreams...and too often, sadly, don't fulfill their dreams but make off with their money. As to One Source Talent: are they paying you $30 a month or are you paying them $30 a month? The old adage applies: "If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true." Do you have professional level talent? Are you good enough to be competetive with other actors, to make it worthwhile for producers to hire you instead of others? Or are 'classes' and 'agents' people ripping you off; exploiting only your dreams and not really helping you develop your talent? Remember: it is a business out there. Business logic...not dream logic...applies. Follow your dreams; but follow them reasonably, carefully, and smartly.
Good luck.
And best regards, Cliff"


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