Tuesday, January 22, 2008

From a Campaign Colleague

Kent Smith, a new friend, a member of the Euclid Ohio School Board, former candidate to the Ohio Assembly, and a colleague from our recent Iowa Caucus wars working for ther John Edwards campaign, wrote the following on his blog of January 2nd from Iowa to his readers back home in Ohio. I repeat it modestly and proudly:

"Kent Smith: Day Six
Posted by Kent Smith January 02, 2008 11:41AM
Categories: Kent Smith in Iowa

"Cliff Osmond is a 70-year-old character actor from Los Angeles. His first scene was a role on The Rifleman when he was 25.

"After a multiple-decade career that put him on countless television shows and movies (see for yourself at www.cliffosmond.com), he decided to open an acting school which later turned into several acting schools. Cliff has a smooth baritone voice, a fast wit, a charming demeanor and stand 6 foot 6 inches tall.

"Young Cliff Osmond was studying English at Dartmouth when he joined a campus theatre production in an effort to overcome his shyness. Sixteen plays later and with his Ivy League degree in hand, he hitch-hiked across the country to Los Angeles with $16 in his pocket.

"At the age of 40, in the midst of his acting career, Cliff was diagnosed with leukemia and told he only had six months to live. He beat the disease and the rest - as they say - is history.

"Cliff and I both arrived in Cedar Rapids on Christmas Day. Since our arrival, we have had dinner every night; New Years Eve included. Unlike myself, he had never been involved in a political campaign until one week ago. He became impressed with John Edwards' passionate stand against poverty and the fact that he has never taken a dime from Washington D.C. P.A.C.'s or lobbyists.

"Cliff called the Los Angels Edwards office to offer his help. But he longed to do more and soon contacted the Iowa operation and found himself on a plane headed for Cedar Rapids. Cliff had never gone door-to-door in the snow - he has now. Cliff had never made political phone calls - he has now. Cliff had never staffed a Presidential Campaign event - he has now, He had never heard John Edwards speak in public - he has now.

"When Cliff and I were assisting the Edwards event staff in Independence, Iowa (See the Blog from Day Three) two of the electronic media members covering the event quietly snuck over to me and asked if Cliff was an actor. I was happy to blow Cliff's cover and as a Hollywood Legend and Campaign Superhero. Cliff told them a few Tinseltown war stories and shared some Hollywood memories.

"After the event, the two guys came over to get their photo taken with actor Cliff Osmond; playing his most recent role - John Edwards Campaign Volunteer.

"This is why Cliff Osmond has consistently beaten me out for volunteer of the day. I only came close once, when I managed to sweet talk the building owner out of an additional restroom key."


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