Friday, August 24, 2007

ON ACTING: An Honest Performace

An honest performace is one is which the actor-as-character, while pursuing her objective vis-a-vis the other character(s) in the scene, does not endow her character with any super-insight.

Like most of us n everyday life, characters are generally too busy engaging in the scene's conflict to have mush self-analytical overview. Tunnel-vision creates narrow focus, with little oveview of past, present or future 'meanng'.

An honestly performed character is too busy living, dealing and surviving the here and now to afford perspective on their situation. Good actors-as-characters are too focused surviving the subjectivity of their present life to have much of an objective perspective on it.

An honest performance is one in which the actor-as-character lives the life of an often unwilling patient and not the life of a wise, omniscient, all-knowing psychiatrist.


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