Tuesday, August 21, 2007

ON ACTING: My Space!!

I suggest the following attitude for any actor in any scene:

"When I am in a scene, whatever space or set or piece of the stage: IT IS MY SPACE. When you (the other actor or actors) enter MY SPACE you will share my space on MY TERMS. Even if your character requires you--the other character--to be positive and forceful and my character requires me to be depressed or insecure and it is MY SPACE and I will be as depressed and insecure as I want! You will agree with me; It is my space; I am automatically allowed to be insecure and depressed. Listen to my dialogue and watch my actions; I have good reason to be depressed and insecure...and after all, IT IS MY SPACE. And I am always right in my space...EVEN AND PERHAPS MOST ESPECIALLY WHEN I AM WRONG!!! My space is MY CASTLE! I am King and you are a mere vassal!!"

When all the actors in a scene believe in the foregoing manner, the audience will invariably view a powerful scene. It s like the old Westerns...'Gunfight at OK Corral'..."This town ain't big enough for the two (or more) of us, pardner." So let the bullets (dialogue, actions and reactions) fly!"


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