Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Nice E-note from GP

I received a nice response--one that particularly pleased me because it underscored an actor's desire for clarity and simplicity in acting theory:


Re: ON ACTING: A Non-Definition of Acting / 2 Jul 2007

So many people try to define acting end up only
rearranging the word pile in an effort to out-describe
all other definitions with the version to end all

Thanks for saying all that needed to be said.


As a special thanks to gp, I will repeat my July 2nd definition of acting:

"There is no such thing as acting; there is only life. Acting instruction is a jargon-filled reminder for actors to live everyday life within the following array of very narrow parameters: when acting/living onstage or onscreen, remember to (1) live excitingly, (2) on demand, (3) in front of people, and, while living in such a manner, (4) would you please say these words, move in this manner, and handle these props. The rest of acting becomes a series of variations on this theme."


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