Sunday, February 11, 2007

A PERSONAL NOTE: "The Disposable Male"; A Friend's Wonderful Book

I want to recommend Michael Gilbert's book, "The Disposable Male". It is available at For any of you (male or female) who wonder why men (and to some extent, women) are the way the are (I've been wondering about myself all my life!), who seek in logic, science, psychology and sociology the origins of male behavior (and--if a male--perhaps need a few explanations to reduce the all too prevalent male sense of guilt), or a woman who perhaps makes a friend of a male and would like an insight in advance (if for no other reason than "Know Thy Enemy"), I heartily recommend Michael's book. However: a warning on the label: it has a point of view. The title, "The Disposable Male" is at best ironic. It is a gentle indictement of the knee-jerk accusation of men-as-the origin-of-all-gender-problems. It is also an intellectual call to arms: His argument: men may be disposable in the long run (especially with the advent of reproductive--test tube--science); but that demise is at best--or worst--a long way off. And in the meantime, understanding the unique origins of male (and female) humanity may contribute peace and calm and a higher degree of harmony between the now too-often adversarial sexes.

The book is extremely erudite, well-reasoned, and well-researched. Six stars out of five.


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