Thursday, January 25, 2007

Seeking Comments

I asked a generally forthcoming and inquiring student of mine why he in particular didn't comment on items in this blog. He said (and he was forthcoming): "Your blogs sound like they are coming from the mountaintop! They don't invite comment." Well...I am inviting more comments than the ones I do occasionally receive! You...the reader...Let me know what you think of the blog(s), how it can be of more service to you (and I know you come from around the world, from many different cultures); for example, what specific acting topics are of unique interest to you; do you have any comments about my acting statements, film reviews, and other random 'thinkings' on acting, etc. Write, respond, interact. Mountaintops are fun. The air is fresh, the view very encompassing...but sometimes, visitors are a welcome joy! :)



Blogger fritzirl said...

i like your film reviews and diaries about the day along with how they pertain to acting (and any art). i understand you wanting interaction, but i also want to just let you go on about whatever you want to and how long. i'd even love longer posts from you. but the reason is because folks from your generation pretty much keep to themselves or play golf, and so it's rare to hear someone of your stature deign to talk and critique on what's going on now. we can't make sense of it all ourselves and it's nice how you make sense of movies and performances. and life!--erika

1:45 PM  
Blogger fritzirl said...

and yes, mountaintops ARE fun! we all know that because we're all too busy pretending we're on our own. it's fun to be the kid again and sit at your proverbial feet and listen. enjoy your role as master teacher!

1:47 PM  
Blogger Cliff Osmond said...

To 'Fritzirl' (ericka):
Thanks for your comments...and commenting. As far as your saying "most of my generation [meaning me, Cliff] pretty much keep to themselves or play golf" rather than communicate their experiences to others...You think that's why why I write this blog? To avoid the ignominy of my golf game?!

3:01 PM  
Blogger Myles said...

"coming from the mountain top" I can relate to that comment. It's like a message from above. To experience Cliff in class is like jumping off of Waimea falls in Hawaii. You climb and climb, once you get to the top of the cliff you realize that you can't climb back down. The only way is to let go and jump and enjoy the ride!

8:46 PM  

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