Monday, September 04, 2006

A Nice Letter From A Former, Former, Former Student

"Wow, I just found you on the internet and am so happy to see you are still teaching. I attended your San Francisco scene study classes for years in the the 1990's. Then I married, took a 3 year RV trip across N. America, settled in Oregon, gave birth to identical twins and moved my elderly parents in with us. Needless to say, acting has been on hold for me until recently.

"I made it to The Young and the Restless! Yes, my dream of acting on a soap opera came true last year. I had a small part but I loved it and am looking forward to more. I was nervous at first but I found myself remembering things you had said [Italics mine]. I worked very hard on my character before arriving at the studio and it paid off. Even though it had been years since my last acting scene, I found the life experiences I had since seemed to enhance my creativity and so much of what you had said finally clicked for me. For example, I remember you saying that once you are in the scene, you put your character bio aside [Italics mine]. I was a bit confused about that but realized on YNR that yes, my scene will be different depending on the choices I have made for my does she love or hate her sister, is the family happy about her new baby and so forth. And I don't have to be thinking about all that during my scene as I am that character at that time and know her so well [Italics mine]...."

Glad to have been of help!... and after all these years!!!!


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