Thursday, July 20, 2006

Response to reader's (Skip's) comment

In respnse to my blurb RE "The Fiction of Character" (SEE IMMEDIATELY BELOW), Skip wrote: "It's true and I accept it, but I often worry that the side of me called for is boring."

Skip: Remember: no one is intrinsically boring, or dull. People--you--are intrinsically (potentially) exciting. Dull/boring people are people who have simply dulled themselves as tactical choices in dealing with everyday life. It often makes sense: too much unconstrained emotion can be exhausting at best, dangerous at worst. The chore as an actor is to erase the dulling armor we have surrounded ourselves with in everyday life--once again, for often logical-to-life reasons--and move courageously on stage and on screen with the freed-up emotional excitement that is at the core of our intrinsic selves. Un-boring is as un-boring allows.


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