Saturday, September 22, 2012

ON ACTING: A reply to J



"I am here in LA and you are in Pittsburg. I have great respect for your love of acting and your willingness to work for it and on it; and congratulations for your success in the 6th grade. But I don't know how I can overcome the distance and help you in any specific way. On my blog ( I have written a lot about acting for many years (although I have been derelict lately. Read some of if it. This week I vow to start up again.)

"I also offer for your look-see a video series I have started on my website called A Series of Conversations about Acting. See the nine segments I did with an actress called Jessica Kokak. I believe there is some wonderful information for young actors on it.

"I have also written a book: Act is Living. See a link to it also on my website. I also offer long range one-on-one lessons via Skype. Call me if you are interested. Get a cheap video camera and make your own films. Be super critical of your own work. Ask yourself, after viewing you efforts: Would you stay at home on Saturday night and watched that.

"Finally, I ask you to be patient. You are 13. Life is beginning. Along with your efforts in acting, do well at school; acting requires all knowledge of all life because that's what we actors so: life; that's what acting is. Always work hard on your acting, study, and work smart. Study and perform with the best. Learn quickly to evaluate their efforts. Don't just listen to salesman bull from acting tearchers. Demand truth. See the teachers acting work, and ask to see their teaching outputs and their student recitals. Ask to audition a class. Do you want to be as good as their actors...or better! Remember: You are the buyer. The teachers are the sellers .Just like shopping at the market: look at their food carts and squeeze the fruit to make sure it is ripe and the tastiness and consistency you want.
Trust your taste. It must pass into your mind and soul.

"Gook luck. And if you love something, never give up. Just make sure that love involves self-respect and hard work.




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