Saturday, April 30, 2011

ON ACTING: The Central Acting Formulation

Emotion is the central ingredient in the theatrical experience.

The actor in performance must really feel emotion (that is, s/he is made to feel it by the interaction with the other characters); then s/he must be willing to reveal it deeply in public (but in the way that most people reveal deep emotions in life: reluctantly and generally only after lies and denials have failed to contain it).

The audience, perceiving the actor's emotion, empathizes with those emotions, and thereby are made themselves to feel...which is why they paid to be in the presence of actor's in the first place.

Actors transport audiences beyond their own hesitancy.

The formulation is simple: actor's feel; audience's feel...and money changes hand. Simple, no? be remembered: achieving brilliance in the acting craft is a difficult task. Acting itself may be easy, but excellence demands the 'trifecta' of hard work, experience and courage. And it is at that point where the big bucks really come in.


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