Sunday, September 05, 2010

ON ACTING: For the Love of It

Do you know that the root work of amateur is "love of"? It comes from the Latin amo, amas, love. It suggests that actors, both professional and amateur, think of acting as "for the love of it", a chance to be intimately and intensely involved with another human being (and/or set of human beings) in a safe environment.

To act is to be able to the throw away life's fears and constraints, and to safely and deeply engage other human beings; to love, to hate, to be made sad by and to be made joyful with, other people without the danger of any long-term consequences: The scene'll only hurt--or confuse you or turn you on--for a little while. Then it's "Cut," or curtain close, and off to the dressing room and home.
What a wonderful life...if you willingly, actively and bravely love it.


Blogger Ryan Hanna King said...

To be 100% into your role is terrifying and liberating.

I've noticed that when I'm fully involved in a scene I feel invincible yet I'm uncomfortable with people watching me afterwards. It's like they've seen the vulnerable in me and that makes me feel helpless.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Cliff Osmond said...

The true freedom is open vulnerability to all and everyone. "Now I am free...because I am unafraid of no one." Personal fear is what imprisons us. Once we conquer that fear, and open ourselves to total emotional vulnerability, who can conquer us? What can they threaten us with? Telling our secrets? Ha! We have none! We have fully exposed our vulnerability. And it has made us unconquerable.

1:14 PM  

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