Saturday, August 21, 2010

ON ACTING: Teachers

The root word of education is the Latin word ‘educare,’ meaning to draw forth. Teachers are guides in the discovery and organizing of yourself. Teachers pass onto you nothing new; they enable you to discover the old that already resides in you. All truths, knowledge and wisdom are evolving symbolic magnets of human ideas and experiences to attract to your consciousness possibilities already within you.

For that matter. there is nothing new; there is only the old too be discovered and re-fashioned in each person over and over again. The universe outside and inside you is already there, waiting to swim to the surface of each individual's consciousness as a tool. Teachers don't teach anyone anything; they help each individual move out of their protective, self-imposed, fearful darkness of innocence and step into the light of their own wisdom.

Know yourself, and you will know everything.


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