Friday, December 11, 2009

ON ACTING: Importance --> Intensity --> Excitement

The intensity or excitement of a scene, which correlates with an audience's involvement in the scene, is directly related to the character's sense of importance of the scene. Character importance = actor-as-character intensity = audience interest.

And since every good actor seeks to maximize audience involvement in his/her performance, it follows that a good actor wants every scene to be important to the character.

Therefore I submit to actors looking to increase emotional importance in playing a character: if you can attach supreme importance to everyday events of your life you certainly are able to attach importance to the events in any character’s life.

Character’s goals are generally no more or less mundane than yours.

Actors: develop a talent to appreciate that everyone’s goals, in everyday life or dramatic life, are all important and significant, at least to them, and proceed, AND act, accordingly; even when playing the most (seemingly) mundane of characters.

Live according to this motto: No one's life or goal is insignificant or unimportant; important lesson for life or performance.


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