Friday, November 20, 2009

An Apology

DM said, in gentle rebuttal to my blog writing about stage actors and their potential for dishonest acting:

"Of course, stage acting isn't [necessarily] lying, on stage, right? Nothing [inherently] dishonest in projection and physicality. Just say'n."

My response (and "just sayn" respectfully back):

"You are absolutely right, David. You're right. Nothing dishonest about speaking the truth loudly and boldly. especially on stage; being moved by the truth onstage with a loud voice and large body movements, Sorry I was unclear about that. I guess I was too worried about some actors, when performing in theater, often producing fake acting in order for 'projection' to occur. Thanks for forcing me with your question/statement to clarify the possibility of 'truth' and 'projection' cohabitating in reality onstage."


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