Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ON ACTING: Thoughts on Thinking

Most people would agree that the human thinking process allowed humanity to dominate the world.

However, it was not a cost-free evolutionary leap. (If nothing else, a larger brain became an extra burden for the feet to carry). Thought takes effort.

Most people don’t want to think. Neither should actors-as-characters. Thinking (which is nothing more or less than a mental delay prior to overt physical action) is a human activity forced on us by the severity of prior inner emotional turmoil.

Even intellectuals would rather live without thinking: otherwise they would not look so dour and sour all the time--with wardrobes dominated with black, brown or gray--if thinking for them were such a wonderful and desirable a human activity.

The good actor must accept: the action of thinking must be motivated by a deep emotional dilemma caused by a prior moment in the scene; it is a result of a prior feeling problem for the character that can not go unresolved; hence it must be thought about.


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