Tuesday, September 01, 2009

ON ACTING: Worrying About Learning LInes

A soon-to-be student just wrote to me:

"Hi there,
I am sending in a deposit for the seminars tomorrow.
When we talked I told you I am new to acting so I am a little worried about learning the lines.
Do you have any tips you could give me?

I responded:

"D: Not to worry. I will be sending scenes out to you a few days prior to class. You will have time to memorize. Also, I wil not send you a "too line-heavy" scene. Finally, in learning lines, just learn the words. Get familiar with the logic of the dialogue. Do not try to plan on how you are going to say every line in performance. First learn to say them flat, as simple bundles of logical response. Possible 'line-readings' and possible feelings will arise in subsequent rehearsal. Remember: in memorizing dialogue, learn dialogue as pure words, as unemotional statements of logical retort in response to what the other character says to you (in the logic of their writen lines). When you get in reheasal with another human being, emotions will arise, and they will form into subsequent 'line-readings'. Don't overburden the initial memorization process with planned and/or anticipated feelings or emotional/line 'meanings'. See you soon. Cliff"


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