Sunday, April 26, 2009

MOVIE REVIEW: None; emphatically

Why can't I find any excitement to see new America movies and to write some reviews?

I did see "Duplicity" and "I Love You, Man".

But I don't want to write reviews about them.

"Duplicity" follows the contemporary movie phenomenon that seems to equate 'confusion' with 'profundity': If you don't get it, it must be profound. A post-modernism classic. My response it: it isn't profound; it's an intellectual mess.

"I Love You, Man" starts with an unbelievable (and for me, unsupportable) premise: that the leading man desperately needs a male friend. It would solve his relationship problems. When the premise (the foundation) of a film is false, the rest, like a building, is doomed to collapse...and masturbation jokes are not enough to save it. Ultimately it is a sweet film; but sugar cannot save a rotten appertif.

America is filled with talent; in front of camera and behind the camera. But when the moneyed class (the producers) seek profitable box office by appealing to a dumber and dumber audience (I guess I'm saying young equals dumb)...I have no interest.

I am reminded of a Billy Wilder story. He went t a pitch meeting at the end of his career: maybe he'd like to do one more film. He started telling a very young executive his new story idea...and then stopped. "Thank you," he said, and he stood up to leave." "But, Mr. Wilder," the young executive said, "you haven't finished." "I know," said Billy, "but I don't think you want to hear what I have to say. Even more, I don't want to say what you want to hear."

Billy never made another film.

I'm not Billy. I will see more films; and write more reviews.

But today...I feel too much like Billy to continue.


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