Saturday, March 28, 2009

ON ACTING: 'Jumping' into a Scene

It has been said: "A good acting scene occurs on the toes, not the heels".

"One should lean into the scene, not pull back from it."

"Leaning into a problem is the posture of winners (and good actors)."

I was reminded of all these bon mots of good acting yet again the other day watching a student of mine, a fine horsewoman, training a jumping horse. As she and the horse reached the hurdle, the horse started to leap, and my student leaned her body into the jump, as if attacking the problem, not avoiding it, or shying from it. She led the horse over the jump.

I reminded myself to tell her that the next time I saw her in class: "L., as in horse jumping, lean into the scene and attack the hurdle of convincing the other character that you deserve the victory. What works in one area of human life often works in another."


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