Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ON ACTING: "Control"

Kathryn wrote:

"I found your blog today and I'm thoroughly enjoying reading through your "On Acting" posts.

"I'm presently in rehearsals for a character who is extremely "in control" - in fact that's her biggest obstacle...so how do I show that but keep it edgy at the same time??"

I wrote:

"An 'in-control' character is a very edge-y character trying like hell to be in-control of that 'edge'! That precipitous, extra effort to remain in control when all events are threatening to spin a character out of control is what lends excitement and danger to a character trying to be in control. A nymphomaniac trying to be a nun, or a spendthrift trying get out of Nieman's without buying anything is what makes an 'in-control' character's actions fascinating...and edge-y." They live on the edge.


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