Monday, December 08, 2008

MOVIE REVIEW: "Cadillac Records"

It's a nice picture. A bit soapy, but...I loved the music. I'm still waiting to figure out the story: a bio-pic that means what?

The supporting cast acting is wonderful. More than wonderful. Columbus Short is spectacular. Gabrielle Union is very, very good. Mos Def is excellent as Chuck Berry. Beyonce Knowles sings wonderfully, looks creamy, and I'm sure helped raise a lot of money for the film.

Jeffrey Wright is fine as one of the stars. The other is Adrien Brody, 'Mr. Mournful', he of the pursed eyebrows and ever-anguished countenance. He and Ralph Finnes, the other great pained and wounded actor of our time, must be brothers.

I'm sorry. I just don't understand or fully appreciate Mr. Brody's acting. Nothing wrong; he just doesn't do...something...for me...I can't even find the adjective. He underwhelms me that much.

Ms. Darnell Martin wrote and directed. The less experienced writer in her did not do justice to the more experienced director in her.

See the film, however. Rock n' Roll at its finest.


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