Monday, July 21, 2008

ON ACTING: Character Development

Character Development" is a common phrase in acting theory; it is the idea that there should be a developing 'arc', or transformation, in the life of a character during a scene, play or film: what is known about (and by) the character in the beginning of the performance expands into a greater self-revelation and change by the end. Character development is the beginning, middle and end of a character's emotional reality, a change brought on by the challenging exigencies and pressures of the character's story. As the conflict forces progressively exposed self-discoveries on the part of the character, and the character is forced to accept and/or act on those discoveries, that 'arc', as s/he works their way through the travails of the plot, can be said to be the character development over the span of the scene, play or film.

"Character Development" is a generally required element in a great performance.


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