Saturday, July 12, 2008

ON ACTING: Creating More Energy/Intensity in a Scene

If you want more (energy, intensity) in a scene, make sure that the emotion creating that energy arise from deeper within you.

For example: When I was a child, I loved to play with my yellow plastic ducks in the bathtub. My favorite game was to submerge and hold the ducks underwater, then release them, and squeal with delight when they popped (jumped) out of the water.

It was a physics dynamic I remember very vividly all these years: the deeper the submerged ducks were in the water at the point of release, the higher the ducks jumped in the air when they surfaced.

The same holds in acting: when the events of a scene emotionally stimulate us, the deeper, richer, fuller the level of that emotional stimulation occurs within us, the greater will be the intensity or 'build' outward when those emotions are released.

Like shooting an arrow: the further back (in our case, in) the point of release, the greater will be the subsequent 'throw'.


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