Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Student's Report

just a note to give you a big thanks for all your help. got a pretty good sized role in a low budget feature. one of the things that has helped me the most is how much you stress using lines as "tools". i learned my lines backwards and forwards and the director wanted me to do a few different things (including learning new lines!) and i was ready for whatever he threw at me. he was very pleased with the days work and they even want to do a spin-off of my character for a short. as far as i was concerned... i was pleased with... most of my work (heh heh) there were plenty of technical difficulties... lighting, sound (we were shooting over a flight path... HA!) and i still had a good time through all the chaos due to the fact that i was prepared. i have you to thank for that. in fact, i actually visualized you sitting there in your chair and then i would think "what would jesus/cliff do?"................ (this acolyte's gotta bust your balls at least once, eh?)
we're still shooting and i'm really jazzed about doing the other scenes now that my big monologues are finished. it's amazing how much 2 rounds in your course has helped me and i want to get back in soon. once i'm wrapped i want to do a private with you at least once a month.
hope you're well and please tell the gang i said hello!...thank you for your love of acting and for sharing the results with us.most sincerely,


Blogger Myles said...

that's really cool! congrats on your success and i wish you many more to come. Cliff's class is a neccesity if you really want to be a student of the craft, he's the real deal!

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