Friday, April 06, 2007

ON ACTING: ...and 'Reading'

I received a nice note from a student containing an acting tip he picked up in class and he subsequently used in an audition. I thought I'd pass it on to others:

"Cliff, Were you picking up any vibes this morning? I just used some of your 'stuff'' in an audition, and I wanted to thank you. You might remember the scene I did in your workshop where I was supposed to be reading a newspaper which sitting at breakfast with my disagreeable wife. You stopped me after 30 seconds, as I leafed through the paper. You asked, "Bill are you READING that paper?" I said, "No, but I will." I had a "newspaper scene" in today's audition, and thanks to you, I read the damn thing! I reacted to what I "saw" on the page. Felt good about the audition, and used the insight you had given me. Much appreciated. Hope you are well. Bill"


Blogger Myles said...

That's really cool Bill. Good luck in getting the part.

6:50 PM  

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