Sunday, March 25, 2007

Allison Responds RE 'Thinking About Acting and Doing'

Allsion left a comment on my post RE my previous blog on 'Between Thinking About Acting and Doing'. I wanted to highlight on this more apparent 'blue' page:

"Hi Cliff! I wonder if you have read a book called The Inner Game of Tennis or the The Inner Game of Golf? I found interesting correlations for the 'sport' of acting.At the moment you take that swing (or when you are acting) any internal judgment and awareness can ruin a natural, confident performance. The Inner Game philosophy speaks of 2 sides of our minds - Self 1 is the critical self that is consciously, earnestly correcting, judging, perfecting, and by doing so 'in-the-moment' hampers the natural abilities of Self 2 who lives intuitively and accomplishes life naturally.Quote from Book – “The very nature of Self 1 is to doubt Self 2. Self 2’s attributes of spontaneity, natural intelligence, and desire to learn are beyond Self 1’s ability to conceptualize. The self-image that Self 1 creates is a cheap imitation of the living, limitless real you, the you whose capabilities and attributes surpass anything that Self 1 can conceive with his thinking mind. "Trying" is essentially compensation for mistrust in ourselves and generally leads to poor performance.” “Learning this way requires trust, not in thinking, or formulas, but in your body's ability to learn directly from Experience without judgmental analysis.”The book seems loaded with valuable ideas for actors. I thought you might like this.By the way, I loved "The Penitent" and watched it twice! Beautifully done film in so many ways. I could pour over your blog for days and days… Thank you! Take care, Allison"


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