Thursday, March 15, 2007

ON ACTING: Over-expressiveness

'Scrunching' of forehead, eyebrows popping up and down, furrowing of is generally an actor's attempt to emphasise what is not really being felt; or to underscore what it only being somewhat felt. It's like putting a small gift in a large package; trying to fool the receiver into thinking the gift is a great one.

For example: when I write a bad sentence, especially one that I think does not fully and impactively express what I feel I should be feeling, I underline the sentence; I write it in CAPS; I put exclamation points !!!. I increase the font size.

Invariably, it is all to no avail: it is still a bad sentence.

The solution (in writing or acting) is: when one wishes to create an impactive expressive form but find the feelings and/or ideas are lacking, forget form; let the easy natural expressive structure flow honestly from the feeling's intrinsic weight. Don't try to make an expressive mountain out of a tiny molehill; simply express as much or as little as you are feeling, then move on to the next sentence, letting that sentiment find its natural expressive form as well.

Then, the next time: you want a big package; create a greater gift; you want stronger expressive form, make sure your feelings and ideas are deep and profound enough to warrant that form. Little gifts in large packages fool no one; they only create receiver (audience) disappointment in the inherent lie.


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