Friday, January 20, 2006

ON ACTING...with "Authority"

Actors often have to play an 'authority' figure (a parent, lawyer, doctor, team leader). Sometimes in reference to their overall talent, are told: "Your acting needs more authority."

What does that mean? Confidence? Strength? Comfortableness in ordering others around? Where does authority come from? Is it innate and/or can it be developed?

I often find it convenient and illuminating to look at the root word or interior core concept when analyzing a longer word or complex concept. Authority is an extension of 'author'. An 'authority' figure (or actor) authors their own existence. They create their own destiny. They are in charge of writing their future. Or as Shakespeare put it: they are the "the achitect of their own design".

If you want to have authority...or, as a corallary, to play convincingly an 'authority figure', orchestrate/manuever the events around you to satisfy your own purposes, impose your will on others, create your destiny, convince others to do your bidding. All is possible. The page is blank. Write your own scenario.

Believe in free will. Deny determinism. An authority figure/actor accepts responsiblility for their own future, believes that all goals are possible, and...perhaps most importantly...have the strength and willingness to pay whatever emotional price that committment requires.

The pen is in the author's hands. Let the emotional ink flow.


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