Saturday, January 07, 2006

"Bad critic and Orgasm"

"A bad critic is like a high-priced whore: the more they practice, the better they get at faking an orgasm."

Reviewer quotes in the movie ad section from today's LA Times: Syriana: "...brilliant. George Clooney is hypnotic, haunting and quietly devastating..." "Filmmaking of the most bravura style." "...images that tear the heart..." Munich: "...spectacularly gripping and unsettling..." "demands to be seen..." "Bana...the actor projects a combination of sensitivity and ruthlessness and he knows how to present a face for which worry is a new experience." "dazzling set pieces and geometric camerawork..." Match Point: "...the screen comes alive whenever Rhys Meyers radiates his cunning magnetism." "...the effect of this mesmerizing mind teaser is spellbinding." " of the most erotic and exhilarating movies in years." Brokeback Mountain: "A film in which love feels as if it were being invented." " with the uncharted mysterious ways of the human heart."

Come on, guys (Peter Travers...twice, Kenneth Turan...twice, Pete Hammond, Mary Corliss, and Manohla Dargis, et al...), these movies are fine movies, and I know the box office is off, the whore house needs all the compliments you can give and great quotes get your name in print...but, give me a break. Tone it down. With all the screaming and back-scratching, you might wake the kids...and they'll discover they're being hyped to death.


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