Friday, March 30, 2012

Where Have I Been For Six Weeks?

On February 18th, I fell down the stairs at home and fractured my hip and femur. On February 20th I was operated on.

I remained in that hospital for three days. I was then transferred to a nearby rehab hospital where I remained for three weeks. The therapists were wonderful.

I returned home fourteen days ago and have been learning with the aid of home-visit therapists and a walker how to get around...again...including getting up and down the same set of stairs and in and out of my favorite  shower! I now can also get in and out of a car (someone else drives) and I am no longer housebound. I am back teaching.

I can also now sit at my computer for a stretch of time without pain. (Typing in my bed just didn't attract me!)

To those of you who have continued to search this blog, I say thank you and hope to repay your loyalty with better blogs.

To those of you who have gone to more punctual pastures, I hope I will visit me again one day.

No matter which category you fit in, life--and blogging--and new acting thoughts--continue.

(SEE tomorrow for a new acting post!)


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