Friday, November 09, 2007

ON ACTING: Frusration

His acting was always filled with frustration. I said: "Frustration is the sign of someone who accepts defeat". "No," he said. "I just can't accept how long winning takes." So: I had to amend my definition: "Frustration is the sign of someone who doesn't believe they can win; or someone can't win quickly enough; in the latter regard it is the bastard child of impatience."

A patient, confident winner-to-be is never frustrated; and is always thereby interesting and appealing.


Blogger Erika Lopez said...

you are right! i am finally experiencing patience, which enables me to further suss out a situation and relax and do the right thing by listening to my intuition. i have all the confidence in the world that i shall win, and therefore am less frustrated now. i never understood all that you were saying before. now i'm getting it. thanks. thanks for doing all that you do and avoiding the proverbial chair and golf course. thanks for giving to your artist brethren and sistren. (smile) you're the most generous teacher in that you have no resentments toward your students. many teachers in the arts have an underlying whiff of "and who do you think you are?" /i love how you've been there as a human and artist and gladly teach what you've learned.

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