Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ON ACTING: 'Moment to Moment'

The important instruction for actors to live a scene 'moment by moment' is a reminder to actors that real life--and therefore good acting--occurs spontaneously, without absolute predictability aforethought. A well-acted scene is step-by-step occurence, from individual stimulus to synapse to motor response, from hearing/seeing to emoton to action/reaction as it will.

There is no certainty that the quality and quanitity of any acted human moment will follow an absolutely preordained path. I may have memorized my line...but exactly how, and when and with what feeling I will honestly deliver that line, that reality is finally predcated by the 'momemt to moment' occurance of spontaneous interplay between one actor and the other.

There are as many cells in the human body as there are stars in the universe. No actor is going to control them all with his/her predetermined 'choices'. Not if s/he is acting in reality.


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