Monday, June 11, 2007

ON ACTING: Auditioning; and the Power of Positive Thinking

Casting directors are hired by producers and directors to find actors. So When an actor is called into an audition, it should be assumed that the casting director wants the actors to do and be good. They are on the actors side. Even if the casting director seems bored, tired, rushed, distant or vague, that is the casting director's problem. Even (and maybe especially) casting directors have bad days. Imagine seeing fifty or more needy actors all day! The smart actor thinks: "Their less than adequate auditioning attitude is because they have been seeing less than adequate actors all day, actors who have not been helping them do his/her job. Whereas...once they see me, their problems are solved: in my audition I am going to assist the hired casting director do his/her job expertly and efficiently. I will be brilliant. I will not look at an audition as ME versus THEM. It's me HELPING them. They are in luck. I'm just what they are looking for! Their day (at least in casting MY role) is over!

An actor's confidence breeds confidence in the casting director toward the actor.


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