Saturday, July 30, 2005

My Reply to Letter: "Innate Talent"

Karen writes: "I want to act...but I wonder: 'Do I have "charisma"? Do I have innate talent?'" [OR:] "Is acting something I can learn and practice and get good at because I am a very dedicated worker?"

I respond: Karen; allow me to quote from an article on my website (the fuller text, Natural Talent, which can be seen on the link, Writings on Acting, on "Natural talent [substitute the word, innate] may seem natural, but if by natural we mean blessed by certain qualities irrevocably denied to others, don't believe it. In acting, as in many, many other professions, natural blessings abound, and can be learned, and earned (and always strengthened) by hard work."

Acting is nothing more than living excitingly in a special context. You know how to live, don't you? All you have to do now is practice living (acting) excitingly in that special context. "Charisma", by the way, is the attactive, seductive power of a confident person. When you grow confident with your acting ability ('practice makes perfect'), you will exude 'charisma'.


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